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What is rateyourdive.com?

The compare, book and rating platform exclusively for diving

Our Vision

The basic idea of our project was to make scuba diving safer. What once began as an exclusive hobby, fell with the years victim to the mass tourism. And sometimes with it the safety. Therefore our aim is to provide an opportunity to check beforehand where the best Dive-Instructor or Guide awaits you to make your first dive as comfy as possible.

But there is also something in it for the experienced divers among yourselves. With our register of Dive-Professionals you are able to find either the most experienced Instructor for further training or the perfect Dive-Guide for your dive in an unknown area.

After a sky rocket start we listened to your feedback carefully again for further development. So we evolved to a platform which holds the world’s first opportunity to compare offers and prices, book and rate your dive with a Dive-Professional, Dive Center and Liveaboard.

Ricardo Wenzel
Dive-Instructor; Founder and CEO

„The idea of rateyourdive.com has been on my mind forever. The website gives you insights on what’s happening underwater and therefore increases transparency.“

Benjamin Klein
Chief Operating Officer

Rene Broo
IT business engineer

„No medium gives you more opportunities to connect people globally. rateyourdive.com will connect the underwaterwold, too!“

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Felix Wiesel


Ina Medick

SEO and SEA Manager

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