5 Tips to Save Air

25.11.2018 by Editor Team
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Do you breathe down your tank faster than your dive group? Here are 5 tips how to save air.

1. Fix small air leaks

Already a tiny stream of bubbles adds up over 40 minutes. And of course that may also be a sign of more serious trouble ahead. A mask that doesn’t seal is another factor as it is a source of stress. It will defiantly increase your breathing rate. A free-flowing Octopus can waste a lot of air, too. Make sure the mouthpiece points downward or ask your Dive Instructor for some help.

2. Gain experience

Inexperienced divers are famous for burning their air supply fast. So one of the best tips to save air is to gain experience. Unless you dive regularly it’s still an odd activity for your body. By diving more often, you will get used to it and breathe less.

3. Swimming slowly saves air

It’s as easy as that: Swim half the speed you do now, and you’ll use less air. 🙂

4. Dive Shallow

A lungful at 10 meters takes twice as much air as does the same breath at the surface. At 30 meters it takes double as much as at 10 meters. There’s nothing you can do about that. Just avoid being deeper than you have to be. For example if you dive over an uninteresting sand patch to get back to the drop-off, do it at 10 meters instead of 20.

5. Take off some weight

You have to put more air into your jacket to be neutrally buoyant, if you talk too much lead with you. An inflated jacket requires more energy to push it through the water.