Diving in Jordan – “A tank in the Red Sea”

09.03.2019 by Editor Team

The sinking of one of the largest wrecks in the Red Sea will add another attraction to the Jordanian coastline. Reason enough to take a closer look at the region around Aqaba. But Jordan has much more to offer than just superlative wrecks!

The Cedar Pride Wreck

Jordan’s most famous scuba diving wreck is probably the “Cedar Pride”. It was sunk in 1985 and has since been lying on its port side at a depth of between 10 and 28 metres. The 76 metre long colossus impresses with its lush vegetation with beautiful soft corals.

History Lesson

Over 30 million years ago not only the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba emerged. Also the today’s UNESCO world cultural heritage “Wadi Rum” with its rugged landscape, shaped by sandstone rocks and desert landscapes was formed. The best way to explore the area is to take a bird’s eye view of the Bedouins.

Petra – the Rock City

Created over 2000 years ago and capital of the Nabataeans. So far it’s only 20 percent developed and in itself a reason for a visit to Jordan. The buildings do not seem to have been man-made, the colours and shapes of these gorges and rocks are unique.

A Tech Divers’ Dream – The Al Shorouk

The wreck of the Al Shorouk was artificially sunk. It was supposed to lie at a maximum depth of 40 metres. But a miscalculation in the sinking of the boat in 2008 took it to depths between 38 and 60 metres. The marine vegetation is still sparse, but the 74-metre-long wreck is still worth a visit.

The Tayong Wreck

Since 1999 the Tayong, a loading and unloading platform, is located in front of the coastal strip. Lying on the starboard side this wreck starts at a depth of 35 meters. The top of the crane boom lies at 57 meters on the seabed. It impresses with lush Overgrown and lots of fish.


One looks into amazed faces, when suddenly it turns out that the “stone cities” or the deepest accessible point on earth lie in the middle of Jordan. A country that only very few divers have on their dive map.

But many have already seen the pictures of the “tank in the Red Sea”, which is not a tank at all. In fact, the Jordanian government makes a lot of effort not only to make its cultural, millennia-old heritage known worldwide. Especially the coastal strip of Aqaba is supposed to attract tourists from Egypt.

In the last 10 years not only new hotels but also highly attractive dive sites have been created. Since October 2017 there is another attraction only a few hundred meters away from the beach. A C130 transport aircraft of the Jordan Army was sunk near the “tank” (which was actually a mobile “M42-Duster” anti-aircraft gun).It lies in a “sport divers friendly” depth and became the newest highlight of the region.

Besides the world-famous wreck of the “Cedar Pride”, other large wrecks (see previous pictures) can already be found close to the coast. Jordan becomes an attractive diving destination for fans of the Red Sea, but also for wreck lovers. In order to do justice to this, there are always special offers for divers. For example the transport of diving luggage free of charge with the airline “Royal Jordanian” at certain times.

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