Diving in Koh Tao – How to find the right Dive Center

14.12.2017 by ricardo

Koh Tao – translates into the turtle island. There is no getting around taking a peek below the water here when you are out and about in the Gulf of Thailand. Whether snorkelling or diving. There is something for everyone here!

Dive sites near and far

Whether beginners or experienced divers, everyone is present on Koh Tao. In fact, the island is especially popular with people interested in diving that have no previous experience. All thanks to its biodiversity and the economical prices when compared internationally. If you are indecisive, an introductory dive may be appropriate first to determine whether you are an underwater person. In most cases, this one-day course in the pool or in pool-like conditions in a bay around the island can be taken into account for a subsequent diving course for beginners.

For advanced divers, there are excursions to diving spots like Chumpon Pinnacle, Southwest Pinnacle or the famous Sail Rock, which are located about 1-2 hours away from Koh Tao and correspondingly offer even more interesting discoveries at depths beyond the 20-metre mark. In view of the largest beach of the island, you will also find the wreck of the HTMS Sattakut, which was sunken in 2011 as an artificial reef.

Spoilt for choice

The diving island per se naturally has a large selection of diving schools and offers as well. Thanks to your feedback regarding such regions above all, but not only due to them, we have expanded our website to a complete comparison platform for offers and prices on the subject of diving. By now, the comparison of hotels is self-evident. For this reason, it became a necessity for us to provide the same possibility with regards to different offers, prices and, of course, reviews for our beloved diving sport as well.

Size is important after all

In this context, we would like to devote attention to the subject of group and boat sizes in particular. When choosing a diving school, every diver should be aware of what is especially important for him. Up to now, there was hardly any possibility to find out how large the groups and the boats of guided dives and diving courses were before the dive itself. We will now counter this lack of transparency!

At rateyourdive.com, from now on diving schools will have to indicate the size of their boats on the basis of the maximum number of divers that they can transport. Small boats are considered to be those that can transport less than 15. Middle-sized boats are for 15-30 divers and anything above 30 is a large boat.

In addition, we have supplementary information that we request when submitting a review as of now. This includes the personal degree of experience (e.g. no diving certificate, Open Water Diver, etc.), which course was taken (e.g. guided dive, Open Water course, etc.) and the size of the diving group.

With the help of this additional information, everyone now has the possibility to adapt their choice to their own needs.

Some examples

Am I inexperienced and thus probably prefer a small, intimate diving school, with small groups (max. 4 people per diving instructor is a good reference point) and a small boat without too much hustle and bustle?

Or am I an experienced diver for whom such criteria play a rather secondary role? And, as such, consider that I could possibly get a lower price? Of course, it could also be a combination of both. You have already taken an introductory course and therefore you know that you feel as happy as a clam in the water. In addition, you like to socialise and have no problem being among people.

At the end of the day, we let you make your own decision with the help of our comparison functions! Compare offers and prices, read the reviews about the experiences of others and the information regarding the group sizes. Ultimately you can make a purely neutral decision concerning what is most important to you, without being influenced by advertising texts that tend to misguide you in part. This is the only way we can ensure that diving will finally become more transparent and, as such, more trustworthy.

The entire rateyourdive-team wishes you fun during your diving experience!

May the air be with you! 🙂