Diving in Malta – Tips & Hot Spots

06.10.2018 by ricardo

Malta is an located in the Mediterranean Sea right between the italian Island Sicily and northern Africa. Diving there is suitable for beginners and advanced but especially for technical divers. Beautiful reefs, amazing caves and simply stunning wrecks are reached easily from shore or by boat. Diving is possible around the three main islands: Malta, Gozo, and the smallest one: Comino. With more than 200 dive sites nearby, the dive region of Malta is considered to be one of the best in the Europe.

When is the best time for me to go diving in Malta?

Diving Malta is possible all year round. The water never gets too cold and the visibility is pretty much always good. Between June and September are the most popular months to dive. The water temperature can reach up to 28 degrees at that time.

However, we recommend visiting either late September – early October or in May when the dive sites and whole island is less busy, but the (water) temperatures are still relatively warm with around 23 degrees.

Best Dive Sites in Malta

  • HMS Maori: The wreck sank back in 1942 and lies in 16 metres depth which makes her accessible to divers of any level. She is scattered over a soft bottom, which means careful buoyancy is necessary to keep up the visibility.
  • Reqqa Point: Probably the best shore dive starting from Gozo Island. The entry starts at a vertical wall. Often Dorado come in to hunt schools of fish. That makes for some spectacular action. But there is something in for Macro lovers as well as small life populates the rocks.
  • Comino: This small island is worth a visit for its superb diving. Dives at “Blue Lagoon” ranges in depth from 2-15 metres and is full of a wide variety of aquatic animals. The sandy areas are home to flounders, while octopus hide in the rocks. Even beautiful barracuda are sometimes encountered.
  • The “Um el Faroud” Wreck: Some say this the best wreck dive in the Mediterranean Sea, as most of it is still intact. She lies upright with the propeller at about 33 metres of depth. If you have some air left go and explore the caverns at the nearby reef.
  • Double Arch: The light shining through the archs holds an exceptional possibility for amazing pictures. Make sure to explore the inside of the arches as well. Due to the depth of the arches at around 34meters of depth this dive site is recommended for advanced divers only.

Diving in Malta at a glance

  • Peak tourist season: May to September, the best time is right before or after the main season
  • Appropriate for: All diving levels, from beginners to advanced and especially technical divers
  • Water temperature: 23 – 28 degrees
  • Entry requirement: Mostly uncomplicated with a passport, a visa is issued on site
  • Particular diving experiences: Biodiversity of nature, macro photography, wrecks, cave diving
  • Duration of trip: 1 – 2 weeks
  • Diving equipment: Can be rented on site in most cases, enquire beforehand
  • Travelling: By plane, then by public bus or rented car

Fancy diving in Malta?

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