Christmas Presents for Divers

01.11.2018 by Ina Medick

Are you still looking for Christmas presents for the divers in your family or circle of friends? Then we have some last minute ideas which will surely please the diving enthusiasts among your friends. Of course, those presents are also appropriate for birthdays, St-Valentine’s Day, jubilees, wedding anniversaries and many more special occasions. Here is our personal gift list – and at the end, you will even find a downloadable treat: Customize your own voucher for diving gifts!

Fun presents for divers (under 50 euros)

Dive Sticker provides, like the name indicates, stickers for your logbook of fish you see on your dive to keep memories of what they look like. 🙂

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More Presents

● How about a chic T-shirt? By wearing it, you can show that you are a diver ashore as well!
● A diver-bottle for your lunch at the office, or when you are on the go, is also a practical and funny idea.
● A logbook is especially appropriate for diving beginners.
● What about a book as inspiration? Here you can find out more about the most beautiful diving spots and plan your next diving holiday.

Practical presents for divers

● How about a diving-insurance? We are aware: This is not sexy, but it shows your loved one that you worry about him/her. For instance, with DAN Europe you can look for a suitable plan or simply create a voucher (see below).
● Why not give a gift certificate from the nearest diving shop! The recipient of the voucher can then pick out himself/herself what is needed. You will find a template here below!
● A diving computer is also a sensible investment – you can either buy an appropriate model yourself or give a voucher so that the recipient can choose a convenient model himself/herself.
● The person receiving the present is just starting to dive? Then a voucher for a medical examination for diving fitness is perfect!
● If you wish to invest more, you can also give a diving course as a present – just look through our databank to find a diving school at a dream beach or somewhere close to you!

Customisable voucher for divers to be downloaded

You could not find an appropriate present? Or you would like to give a voucher for a special diving experience, a medical examination for diving fitness or an insurance as a present? Then we have the right accessory for you: We have created a customizable voucher template for you! Just download the voucher, fill in what you want to give and whom you would like to give it to and make a diver truly happy 🙂

Wishing you plenty of fun giving presents!
Your team