Ultimate Guide to Diving in the Maldives – 2019

20.05.2019 by Editor Team
Reading Time: 5min. / Max. Diving Depth: 40m 😉
A country whose approximately 309,000 inhabitants live scattered across 26 Atolls. Located 740 kilometres southwest of Sri Lanka and 350 kilometres southwest of the southern tip of India. The geographical characteristics of the Maldives alone amaze every visitor. Divided into 1190 tiny islands the Islamic Republic has been a holiday paradise for over three decades. Powder-fine coral sand beaches. The Indian Ocean shimmering in all imaginable shades of blue. Species-rich underwater flora and fauna attract guests from all over the world to the tropical islands.

Male – The Capital

Male is the capital, government and administration island with about 75,000 inhabitants. The main economic factors of the Maldives are tourism and fishing. About 10% of the working population is engaged in fishing, which is still done with line and rod.  
The hotel islands are in the North, South Male and Ari Atolls. Tourist development has expanded into other atolls. Such as the Baa, Meemu, Llaviyani and Addhoo atolls.

Diving in the Maldives

Flat coral gardens, spectacular drop-offs, mystical wrecks like the Maldive Victory and big fish. The underwater world offers a rich field of activity for divers and those who want to become one. Nitrox and rebreather diving are now available on many tourist islands as well. 

Arrival & Currency 

You will arrive at Male-Hulule Airport. After arriving you can take a speedboat or a Maldivian Air taxi to the islands you have booked. 
Common means of payment are the US dollar and credit cards.

Entry regulations 

A passport valid for at least six months is necessary. The import of alcohol, weapons, drugs, pork and pornographic products is not aloud.


There is no risk of malaria in the Maldives. But every long-distance traveller should get vaccines against tetanus, diphtheria, polio and hepatitis. Don’t forget your private travel health insurance!

Climate & Population 

Tropical climate with day temperatures between 25 and 32 degrees. The water temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius all year round.
Indian, Ceylonese and Arab influences characterize the population. All Maldivians are Sunni Muslims.

Language & Clothing 

The national language is Dhivehi. English is the official language in the tourist sector.
In the hotel resort barefoot to the restaurant or to the bar? On the Maldives easily possible. The “no news, no shoes” philosophy can be taken on the hotel islands. Even casual clothes are alright, but nudism is not aloud.

Accommodation & Cuisine 

The hotel islands are in three to seven (!) star categories. They offer the respective (luxurious) ambience. Robinson-Feeling at the palm beach you will find on every island, as well as a diving base.
The catering on the hotel islands is rich and varied. Most international dishes are in buffet form. On request, the island management will also arrange candlelight dinners or barbecues. Alcoholic beverages are available on the hotel islands.


220 Volt/50 Hz.

Medical Care

Medical care in case of illness is available at the Central Hospital in Male. On Bandos and Kuramathi there are medical centres and pressure chambers. On most of the larger hotel islands you can find multilingual doctors and hospitals.