Wreck Diving in Aruba

04.02.2019 by Editor Team

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Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean which is to the north of Venezuela. It has a population of just over 100,000 people who call this tropical paradise their home.

As part of the Netherlands Kingdom Aruba is the “A” in the ABC Islands which also includes Bonaire and Curacao. Less well known as a scuba destination than Bonaire, Aruba boasts an impressive array of wreck diving options. There are several very large ships such as the Antilles which are accessible to divers. What makes it somewhat more appealing to wreck divers is the airplane wrecks which allow you to dive through the belly of a plane!

Here is a little more information about some of the wrecks and the scuba diving you can enjoy in Aruba.

Antilles Wreck

Would you like to go diving at the famous Antilles Wreck? It is a massive ship of almost 400 feet in length which sank in 1940 when the Captain set it on fire so that the German’s would not reap the benefits of taking it over. It has lied in the waters off of Aruba ever since and is now home to many types of coral as well as large schools of fish which congregate around its hull.

Airplane Wrecks

Aruba decided to sink two aircraft to start an artificial reef and make a really unique dive site. Sinking the DC-3 and the S-11 have done just that. The DC-3 lays in place for around 20 years and the S-11 sunk in 2004 making it a few years newer. Both planes are great dive sites that you can enjoy as a new and experienced diver. There is something mesmerizing when you see a plane which is supposed to be thousands of feet in the air now laying beneath the surface. These planes are also home to many of our local schools of fish and are a favorite among diving visitors to Aruba.

The Jane Sea Wreck

This wreck is also a quite a large vessel which is around 250 feet in length. It lies in around 90 feet of water and is lying in an almost upright position. This is another ship which has a very interesting history. It started out as a cement transporter between Venezuela and Aruba in the late 50’s and 60’s. At some point, however, the rumor is that it got involved in transporting cocaine from South America. Many fines were placed on the ship which weren’t paid. In 1988 the nation decided to sink the ship to act as a dive site.

There are many more wrecks which you can enjoy in Aruba including the Pedernales and the Debbie II. The marine life, the warm Caribbean waters, the island vibe, and the magnificent dry and sunny weather make this an excellent location to visit on a scuba trip. Aruba also lays outside of the path of the majority of hurricanes which torment the Caribbean each year.